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A Lot of this we do already but we want you to feel confident that we are doing whatever it takes including extra steps to give you a clean and healthy environment for your massage :)

Sanitary Practice Measures:

  • Using a fresh set of sheets after each client, laundered in hot water.

  • Wiping face cradle, and other surfaces with disinfecting spray between each appointment.

  • Washing our hands before and after every massage, with soap and water.

  • Using a hand towel or paper towel to open and close doors before and after washing.

  • If we are not feeling well, we will ALWAYS contact you and let you know. 

  • Disinfecting door knobs and other surfaces in the office before and after each client.

  • And there is extra hand sanitizer in the bathroom and treatment rooms for clients.

What You Can Do:

Health and sanitation is a two way street Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Use common sense and a little caution. If you’re not feeling well, We will not charge you for rescheduling your appointment. 

  • DO NOT come in for a massage if you have the flu, a cold, or  COVID please

  • If you come in actively sick, we will ask you to go home, to protect both ourselves and your fellow clients. 

And Just remember!  Stress lowers the immune system!  Massage is a great stress reducer and immune booster.  Another great way to be proactive while we are living through this Covid~19 journey together.  :)

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